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July 16, 2012
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   "Bloody wanker!" shouted England as America started criticizing his scones once more. It was another world meeting hosted by the angry Brit, and it had ended up like any other meeting. France was looking on the argument with his arm around one of the maids, China was being lectured on copyright infringement by Japan, and Russia was sitting there simply enjoying the noise.  

   Germany's eyebrow twitched as England continued fighting and shouting at America.

   "If you're so proud in your cooking," continued America. "You should at least serve edible food, man!"

   "Since when do you know anything about food?!" shouted England. "All you eat are bloody hamburgers all day!"

   "Hamburgers totally taste a lot better than that couch stuffing!" yelled America.

   "Well, you used to enjoy my cooking!"

   "No way!"

   "Of course with your limited memory span, you wouldn't remember, you git!"

   "My memory is awesome!"

   "EVERYONE, SHUT UP!!!" came a voice from the end of the table. All the nations fell silent as an irritated German slammed his fists onto the table. "We came here to have a productive meeting! Not to talk about food!" he shouted. "Und seeing how we have nothing completed in the agenda, I'm going to end this meeting for the day."

   The countries shuffled their papers and rose from their cushioned seats, all too scared to say a word in case Germany would yell at them. The blond already had a murderous look in his eyes. The nations muttered a quick goodbye and headed out the door in an orderly fashion. They avoided the refreshment and snack tables as best they could as they went back to their homes.

   Germany, Italy, England, and America were the last to rise from their seats and exit the meeting room. England was still fuming about America's attitude as he took a book of magic from the shelf on his way outside.

   "This will teach you," he muttered with a sly smile on his face. He flipped through the book and held out his hand before chanting the spell. "Take this, you wanker!" America turned just in time to see a ball of energy shoot from England's hand. He cried out and jumped out of the way.

   "Damn, missed!" thought England as he tracked the path of the ball. Unfortunately, it was heading directly for a certain German's head. It hit the target square. Germany cried out and turned around.

   "What the hell was that for?!" he shouted at England.  Italy looked confused, not seeing what had happened.

   "Huh, it didn't work," muttered England and started laughing. "Oh, nothing! Heh, heh…" The Brit waved goodbye and hastily ran from the scene. Germany let out an annoyed growl and turned to look for America, but he had already left.

   "What the hell was that?" thought Germany.

   "Veh, can we get some lunch now, Germany?" asked Italy, glad everything had calmed down. Germany sighed and nodded. They headed back to the German's home.


   They arrived at Germany's house hours before and had just finished dinner. The blond was washing the plates, trying his best to ignore a sharp pain in his head. His hands felt strange, and there was a tingling sensation throughout his body. However, he put it off as side effect of being tired.  

   "I'm going to get some sleep," said Germany as he put the last plate on the rack. "Don't sleep too late." Italy nodded and followed behind as the blond headed upstairs. He went to the bedroom, still wanting to sleep next to his friend.

   Germany had gotten used to it, it didn't make him too uncomfortable, in fact, it was…pleasant? Germany shook the thoughts out of his head as he headed for the shower.

   When he returned, Italy was already sound asleep on his side of the bed with clothes all over the floor. Sighing, the German went to pick them up and start folding them. Strange, did they seem larger for some reason? Germany shook his head, blaming his fatigue once more as he climbed onto the other side of the bed. Italy immediately went and clung onto him as he laid down and fell asleep.

   Italy's scream woke him. Surprised, Germany sat up and looked at him.

   "G-Germany?" the brunet asked. "I-is that you?" Germany's expression changed from concerned to utter confusion.

   "What the hell do you-" He began and abruptly stopped talking. His voice, why did it sound so…high pitched?

   "Veh! It is you!" cried Italy. He hugged Germany tightly. "You're so cute now!" Germany gawped at him.

   "C-cute?" he thought and tried prying himself out of his friend's grip. A whine escaped his mouth and he put a hand to it. Italy smiled.

   "How did you do it?" he asked. Germany looked at his hands. They were puny compared to what they were last night. His clothes were way too big on him and they hung loosely on his shoulders. How did this happen? Germany gasped. No this has to be a dream, it's impossible, he was a mere child again!  

   "It must have been Engwand…England's…spell…" he muttered, mentally slapping himself for mispronouncing. Italy's brow furrowed, he was still unaware of what happened back at the meeting.

   It took a while to get over the initial shook but in the end, they decided to get up from bed and go get some breakfast. Germany's new height prevented him from even reaching the counter. Italy giggled and poured out some cereal in a bowl for him. Germany's face went red as he muttered a thank you.

   "Veh, I'm taller than Germany now," thought Italy as he made some food for himself. They ate their breakfast (Germany had to sit on a cushion to reach the table) in silence as Italy regarded the blond.

   "I don't like this," said Germany as he gripped Italy's trousers while the brunet washed dishes (after being urged by Germany). "I want to change back."

   "Huh, why?" asked Italy, picking up Germany. The blond whined but eventually settled in his arms. "You look less scary this way!" Germany made an unsure sound.

   "I know!" said Italy suddenly. "Let's go for a walk!" Germany considered it and nodded.
"Okay…" he said and was lowered back to his feet."The park?" he asked.

   "That sounds great!" said Italy. He went to look out the window. "It looks chilly, you need a jacket!"

   "Wait, I don't want…" Germany watched as his friend ran off to find one. He came back with a bright yellow one. Germany's face turned red.

   "It's the smallest I can find," Italy said as he put it around Germany's shoulders and zipped it up. The sleeves still hung past his arms and there was a lot of space inside it. Italy giggled at the sight of Germany trying to roll up his sleeves but failing. He knelt down and did the task.

   "Okay!" he said happily. "Let's go!" He took a hold of Germany's hand, much to his embarrassment. They headed out the door and towards the park.

   They reached the park and headed for the bridge that spanned across a large pond. "Look, ducks!" said Italy, pulling Germany along. The blond stood on his toes to look beyond the railing of the bridge. He grunted as he tried pulling himself up. Italy giggled and picked him up before setting him down on top of the railing. He kept a hand on the child to prevent him from falling into the water. The ducks quacked and swam over to them.

   "They're so cute," said Italy. Germany nodded and leant forward slightly. "Veh! Don't do that, you'll fall in!" He picked up Germany and set him down on the bridge again.

   "But I wanted to look," whined Germany, his mind matching the maturity of his body. He frowned and looked back at the pond. "Can we go now?" Italy nodded and took his hand again.

   They walked for the better part of the day, all around the park and throughout the neighbourhood. They stopped for lunch at an Italian restaurant and ordered pasta. Germany caught a glimpse of an ice cream store as they started heading back home and pulled Italy towards it.

   Laughing, they headed home after the long day, happily licking their ice creams. Germany finished his first and waited as Italy opened the door. He took off the yellow jacket and gave a large yawn. His eyes began drooping.

   "Veh, let's have a siesta!" suggested Italy carrying the almost asleep Germany upstairs. Germany gave a small nod as he was set down on the bedroom floor. He yawned again and changed, with the help of Italy, into his pajama's (which were still way too big). Italy picked him up again and placed him on the bed before climbing in himself. Germany yawned and snuggled close to the Italian for warmth. Italy smiled and hugged him back, still thinking how cute Germany is now. He'll go back to England tomorrow and ask him to change Germany back, but for now, he'll just enjoy the moment.

Erm... ~SouthUrep's prompt/request. I tired...


Next?: [link]
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i love stories that have Germany as a child
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